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Author guidelines

Joint ISTDM / ICSI 2018 conference abstract template with author instructions for 2-page abstracts can be downloaded here: ISTDM_ICSI_2018-abstract-sample-template.doc

All accepted works for ISTDM / ICSI 2018 conference will be invited for submission to a special issue of “IOP Semiconductor Science and Technology journal on  SiGe materials, devices and technologies.” This special issue will focus on all aspects of science, engineering, technologies and instrumentation of SiGe based epitaxy including devices and related technologies.
Key topics will cover the following aspects:

  1. Group IV semiconductors (Si, Ge, C, Sn, Pb and their alloys)
  2. Group III-V semiconductors on Si/Ge platform (GaN, InSb, GaAs, GaAs, InGaAs…)
  3. 2D materials (graphene, germanene, silicene, stanine, black phosphorous…)
  4. Magnetic materials for spintronics (MnO, FeO, CoO, NiO,…)
  5. Optoelectronics of low-dimensional structures (quantum wells, wires, dots…)
  6. Strain-tuning platforms (relaxed buffers, virtual substrates…)
  7. Interfaces (high-K, metal contacts, electrical properties and characterization…)
  8. Processing (doping, etching, cleaning, surface treatments, thermal treatments, oxidation,…)
  9. Devices (Group IV-based electronic, spintronic, photonic, thermoelectric, photovoltaic, plasmonics, MEMS/NEMS, sensors and bio-integrated technologies …)
  10. Epitaxy equipment technology & metrology challenges
  11. Emerging technologies (quantum technologies, topological insulators...)


For further details, please visit: IOP Publishing guidelines and policies

Submission deadlines:

Abstract submission: January 21(Sun), 2018
Full paper submission: May 31(Thu), 2018
Approximate online publication: September 2018


Presentation Guidelines:

(coming soon...)